Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche
Freelance Director & Creative Director
Angela Schmitt Freelance Director & Creative Director
Founder, Producer & Director
Mark Gläser Founder, Producer & Director
Freelance Producer Event
Natascha Doller Freelance Producer Event
Freelance Office Manager
Katharina Grzyb Freelance Office Manager
Freelance Producer Film
Simon Hebler Freelance Producer Film
Freelance Editor & Art Director
Pablo Philipp Freelance Editor & Art Director
Freelance Creative Producer
Andreas Ratti Freelance Creative Producer
Freelance Editor
Daniela Birk Freelance Editor
Freelance Editor & VFX Artist
Patrik Gärtner Freelance Editor & VFX Artist
Freelance Creative Director AKFM
Sebastian Lübeck Freelance Creative Director AKFM
Freelance Creative Director AKFM
Dennis Straub Freelance Creative Director AKFM

Identity Engineering deals with the need of companies to transform their brand and their corporate philosophy, visions, tasks and claims into an emotional experience for their target groups. In this process, every brand, product and service requires a special concept of communication.

Group.IE’s challenge is to find and exploit the ideal channels of communication for any given message. From finding ideas via the coordination of all creative disciplines, whether it be architecture, audio-visual contributions or live performances, to their technical implementation.